We customize our services to provide treatment, education, and training to meet each client's specific needs and goals. We're happy to share more about what our clients are saying about their experience...  


I’m a midwife, so the stress on my body when in delivery—especially my neck and shoulders—is very demanding. Michael has been critical in helping me understand how I am standing and holding positions that are contributing to ongoing pain. With just a few sessions, I saw clear improvement.

As a healthcare provider myself, quality care, compassion, and trust are something I look for. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer any of my clients or coworkers to Michael.

—Margaret B.


I’d never done much therapeutic body work before I started working with Michael. I understood the benefit, but something about the idea of the classic kind of treatments—like laying on a table and getting a massage—just felt like it may not be for me.

Once I stepped into the Peregrine Center to see Michael’s workspace and him in his element, it was awesome and much different from what I thought bodywork would be. You feel comfortable and like you’re working with him as you start your treatment. As soon as I left my initial treatments, I was feeling much better and could really see how much it worked for me.

I’ve always done sports and now I coach and compete in CrossFit. When I used to train, I would just grit my teeth and go into the pain cave. For a long time for me it was: as heavy as I can, hard as I can, and fast as I can. Now that’s not the case and see that my own markers of progress are different. I’m looking at ways to improve my body that I hadn’t before, like increasing my mobility in my shoulders.

Now when I am competing and training in CrossFit, I am no longer fighting my body to into positions. I can get to where I am made to go without resistance. Michael’s helped contribute to that a lot.

Especially for someone that is doing intense training or has been an athlete, what I would say about Michael is this is someone who has been where you’ve been. He’s is trained and competed in CrossFit; he knows what the body goes through and how to help you have good maintenance. You can get pretty beat up, and he has the tools you need to help healing and recovery and allow you to come back to the gym and continue the things you love to do and see the people you love to see.

—Trey F.


I am a student and teacher of yoga, so for me finding the right care providers that I trust is important.  As a teenager I injured my hip and in addition to my practice of yoga I am always looking for new ways to care for myself and better understand the shifts in movement patterns that my early injury created.

Michael is a great listener and responsive to your input within a session. He uses intuition, observation, and your feedback to guide his work. What I also like about working with Michael is that he integrates various methods of bodywork—like massage, stretching, and acupressure—rather than just offer one specific technique. I have worked with Michael around my known trouble spots. His work has helped relieve tension and perhaps more importantly it has increased my understanding of how various parts of my body inter-relate and inform each other.  

I can wholeheartedly recommend Michael to anyone looking for quality care.

—Aretha M.


I’ve played sports all my life—football in high school, rugby in college, and now CrossFit. Most of the sports created significant wear and tear on my body. I started working with Michael to address some pain and mobility issues in my left knee.

Unlike other bodywork treatments where a practitioner just dives right in, Michael spent a lot more time on the front end understanding what I wanted to get out of my work, my goals related to therapy and ongoing treatment, and how it all fit into my fitness goals and overall wellness.

Michael did a great job of explaining and giving me insight about what we’d be doing and educating me on when and why he was using certain techniques. It was really helpful and made me more comfortable. He even pointed out some habitual ways that I was adding to my issues in my daily life, like posture, and he was able to help me make corrections to those issues.  

Now that I’ve worked through some of my immediate issues with knee, my ongoing care with Michael has been about addressing some of the other areas of my body that were contributing to my knee pain—like lower back stiffness and overall mobility. Now going to the gym I am feeling better and am focused on seeing a different kind of improvement.

For me it’s not about lifting heavier weights or running faster, it’s about improving my technique and operating at my best instead of my maximum. After a few sessions, my awareness of my physical well being has significantly increased. I am thinking more about things like stress, anxiety, sleep, nutrition, mobility, and understanding the cause and effect they were having on my body.

I’d highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for the kind of care that will last them for the long haul.

—Scott G.


The treatments with Michael have given me a new awareness and education regarding my body.

With each visit I feel like I am more in tune with my own body and I walk out with a better understanding of what I need to do to keep myself strong and healthy. This is because Michael empowers patients and helps them become part of the process of healing.

Michael has educated me and helped me understand how my body works and how one thing can affect  another, from posture, surgery or how to engage certain muscles to protect others. This  journey has no doubt been healing in so many ways.

—Irma P.