Rachel Bourke, LMT

About: Rachel is a licensed massage therapist and graduate of Cumberland Institute where she trained in acupressure, neuromuscular and swedish therapies. She is certified in Pre-natal massage and has completed extensive additional training in SomEx© (somatic experiential therapy) and Jin Shin Do© Acupressure.

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Rachel’s Journey:

Rachel’s journey into massage therapy began with a desire to focus on pre-natal techniques.  Having had personal experience with extreme hip pain through her own pregnancy she wanted to be a positive resource for other moms trying to manage the physical changes, aches and pains of pregnancy and help them focus on the joys of their experience. 

She quickly learned that there were multiple facets of the world of bodywork that held even deeper personal meaning for her.  Having several people close to her with undiagnosable ailments; having witnessed the frustration and stress that accompanies their pain, Rachel’s focus shifted toward bodywork techniques that specifically addressed chronic and or seemingly unexplained pain and tension.  Techniques that facilitate lasting relief through allowing clients to become participants in their own healing process rather than bystanders.  Rachel feels passionate about serving those who, though traditional medicine seems to have come up short, are willing to believe healing is possible.