How do I get to the Peregrine Center?

Directions to the Peregrine Center will be emailed to you when you book an appointment.  If you have any questions about your appointment or how to get to the Peregrine Center, please submit a question using the form found on the Contact page.

What is “therapeutic bodywork”?

Therapeutic bodywork means therapeutically oriented soft tissue treatment. At PC, we also take a holistic approach to bodywork, which means we honor the multi-dimensional nature of physical pain and recognize the importance complimentary treatment techniques can play in supporting pain relief and improved functionality. We are comfortable integrating western, clinically oriented techniques like Active Release Therapy (ART) and neuromuscular therapy along with energy-oriented modalities like acupressure. Integrating these techniques helps us create the opportunity for clients to heal based on the needs, goals and preferences they bring into each session.

How is bodywork different than massage?

Many people’s experience of massage involves a general, full-body “Swedish” massage primarily designed for relaxation rather than addressing a specific issue (think spa experience). While relaxation plays a key role in assisting healing and performance, a therapeutic bodywork session is designed to help facilitate therapeutic change to meet the client’s specific goals and issue – in each session as well as the long term.

If you use some massage techniques in treatments, do I have to take my clothes off for a treatment session?

No.  Much of the work we perform in treatment sessions at the Peregrine Center is done fully clothed so that clients may get on and off the table to retest movement.  If a certain soft tissue technique would be more effective performed in direct contact with the skin, you may remove clothing to your level of comfort.   In all such cases, clients will be professionally draped with sheets at all times consistent with Tennessee law to maintain a safe, trusting environment for both the client and the practitioner.  If you have some hesitation around draping, we encourage you to contact us so we discuss your needs and concerns.  If such concerns arise during a session, please speak directly to your practitioner and we can adapt the session and any draping accordingly.

What should I wear to a treatment session at the Peregrine Center?

Many of the treatment sessions at the Peregrine Center involve some sort of movement and soft tissue treatment.  Unless your practitioner specifies otherwise, please wear comfortable, athletic clothing like what you would wear to workout inside or practice yoga.  If it’s cold outside and you wear jeans and/or bulky clothing, please bring a change of clothes for your session. 

What if I have recently been injured or had surgery?

Please contact the Peregrine Center to discuss the nature of your injury/surgery and what kind of work you desire.  Certain techniques can be safe after a recent injury or surgery and/or we can work other areas not affected by those issue; however, we want to ensure that there are no contraindications that would make a treatment session unsafe.  As a result, please contact us directly to help us understand the nature of your situation and the best path forward to ensure safety and speedy recovery.


What should I do after I receive treatment?

In general, drink water and let yourself rest.  Being well hydrated is always a good idea, but it’s especially important after receiving soft tissue work since manual therapy can help flush toxins out of the soft tissue.  In general, we recommend not working out or stressing the areas that have received work for 1-2 days after your session to allow your body to integrate the benefits of the treatment.  You and your practitioner may discuss more specific instructions based on your specific treatment session and goals.