What is the Peregrine Center?

Peregrine Center (PC) was founded to support individuals’ journeys towards physical health, performance and personal fulfillment – whatever that journey may look like. While many facilities offer a massage or personal training session, PC offers something different. PC offers clients a unique, more fulfilling experience by integrating western and eastern soft tissue treatment techniques and training based on three core values: awareness, intentionality, and commitment.

  • Awareness: Each session, whether it’s in the treatment room or on the training floor, is designed to increase awareness of the client’s body – what hurts, what feels great; what moves well and what needs work– and most importantly, why.
  • Intentionality: Using that increased awareness and understanding, we tailor a thoughtful, intentional plan to help each client meet his/her specific goals.
  • Commitment: At PC, we are committed to the process of learning and growth and recognize that it is an iterative experience. We believe the same commitment necessary for any learning or growth process applies equally to healing and training the body, mind and spirit. We learn new information each session that helps refine and inform our plan.

We firmly believe that building our practice on these values creates the potential for each client to experience transformative growth.


How do we do that?


As one of my mentors, James Fitzgerald, founder of OPEX says, “assess, don’t guess”. Each client’s first session involves a detailed evaluation of the client’s posture, movement and soft tissue to help provide the information we need to develop a plan to meet your goals.

Like each treatment session, each assessment will be specifically tailored to the client's goal: whether it’s pain relief, improved mobility or a training related goal. Assessments may incorporate evaluation techniques analyzing functional movement patterns, soft tissue health, and mobility.

Integrative Manual Therapy Sessions

We take an integrative, holistic approach to manual therapy and soft tissue treatment.

At PC, an integrative approach means that we incorporate multiple modalities in a treatment session based on what will be the most effective meeting the client's goals and preferences. We are comfortable integrating western, clinically oriented techniques like Active Release Therapy (ART) and neuromuscular therapy along with eastern, energy-oriented modalities like acupressure. Integrating these techniques helps us create the opportunity for clients to heal based on the needs, goals and preferences they bring into each session.

At PC, a holistic approach means that we honor the multi-dimensional nature of physical pain and recognize the importance complimentary treatment techniques can play in supporting pain relief and improved functionality.

To learn about specific treatment options, please go to the Services page.


Each session with a client includes some “training” or education regarding what they can do on their own to meet their goals. The training and plans will be tailored for clients and can include physical training, mobility work, self-massage techniques, and more.

It would be easy for us to provide pain relief and have people come in every 3-5 days to get more relief. That approach, however, doesn't provide lasting change because it doesn't address the underlying problem.

Further, we do not believe that model is sustainable for a client’s checkbook nor does it acknowledge the important role the client has in his or her own health. While hour-long sessions in the treatment room or the training floor can be productive, it’s the 22-23 hours you spend outside PC that build habits of health or dis-ease. We want to help you build healthy habits that reinforce your goals. We find it far more satisfying (as do our clients) to address underlying issues behind pain and help teach clients to become more self-sufficient in self-care. As a result, we establish a therapist-client relationship in which clients come to us to help facilitate their plans rather than coming to us to “get fixed”.

Beyond a massage or workout

The power of the mind-body connection is well-documented throughout history and across cultures. Whether it’s Aristotle, ancient yogis, or NIH papers studying the power of acupressure on the brain using fMRI technology, integrating clinical techniques with energetic, mind-body work helps create a more comprehensive, enhanced healing, therapeutic experience that can be tailored to each individual.

Through the thoughtful, intentional engagement with physical practice (whether it’s healing or training), we believe that client can experience far more than pain relief or better joint movement. We have seen that when clients commit to increasing their awareness and a plan to reach their goals, they can learn to express power of the human spirit that is uniquely embodied within them.

What do we mean by journey?

Peregrine comes from the Latin root for "pilgrim". Whether you're seeking to heal, balance, or enhance athletic performance, we believe that those goals necessarily involve a journey - a process that connects body, mind and spirit- much like the ancient notion of a "pilgrimage". The author, Parker Palmer, describes pilgrimages well when he says that a pilgrimage is:

"...a transformative journey to a sacred center full of hardships, darkness, and peril. In the tradition of pilgrimage, those hardships are seen not as accidental but as integral to the journey itself. Treacherous terrain, bad weather, taking a fall, getting lost—challenges of that sort, largely beyond our control, can strip the ego of the illusion that is in charge and make space for true self to emerge. If that happens, the pilgrim has a better chance to find the sacred center he or she seeks. Disabused of our illusions by much travel and travail, we awaken one day to find that the sacred center is here and now—in every moment of the journey, everywhere in the world around us, and deep within our own hearts." (Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak, pg. 18)

We believe that each client's journey can be transformative when undertaken with the values we articulated above: awareness, intentionality, and commitment. At PC, we are here to help facilitate your journey.