Therapeutic and holistic bodywork

Peregrine Center (PC) was founded to support individuals’ journeys towards physical health, performance and personal fulfillment – whatever that journey may look like. While many facilities offer a massage or personal training session, PC offers something different. PC offers clients a unique, more fulfilling experience by integrating western and eastern soft tissue treatment techniques and training based on three core values: awareness, intentionality, and commitment.

  • Awareness: Each session, whether it’s in the treatment room or on the training floor, is designed to increase awareness of the client’s body – what hurts, what feels great; what moves well and what needs work– and most importantly, why.
  • Intentionality: Using that increased awareness and understanding, we tailor a thoughtful, intentional plan to help each client meet his/her specific goals.
  • Commitment: At PC, we are committed to the process of learning and growth and recognize that it is an iterative experience. We believe the same commitment necessary for any learning or growth process applies equally to healing and training the body, mind and spirit. We learn new information each session that helps refine and inform our plan.

We firmly believe that building our practice on these values creates the potential for each client to experience transformative growth.